What do Governors do?


What do Governors do?

Governors work with the Headteacher of the school to ensure excellence in safeguarding, and :

• Determine the aims and curriculum policy of the schools

• Foster good relations with parents and the local community

• Allocate the school’s budget in line with our school improvement plan

• Ensure national requirements and pupils’ needs are met

• Interview and appoint staff

• Decide how the schools should be used outside school hours

• Establish clear policies

• Improve and maintain the school buildings

How do Governors achieve this?

Governors’ activities can include:

• Visiting, and getting to know the school, on a regular basis

• Attending meetings to review standards, school policies and development plans each term

• Undertaking training, and monitoring the progress of both pupils and the school as a whole

• Giving parents information and by promoting community involvement and cohesion

• Individual governors have specific responsibilities for particular aspects

of school life as indicated below: